Case: Destination Gotland (EN)

Case: Destination Gotland (EN)

Shipping company operating passenger and cargo services between Gotland, Nynäshamn, and Oskarshamn with 3 vessels and over 1.7 million passengers yearly.

Infoplay delivers around 25 media players per vessel; some are directly connected to the ship's IPTV system, while others are located in proximity to their respective screens. Destination Gotland controls all content, and several users from different departments such as Marketing, Advertising, and Restaurant create content according to their divisions. All of this is managed within Infoplay's platform. Content can be scheduled and controlled per screen or in groups.

Dynamic content
Infoplay retrieves tour schedule data in real-time from Destination Gotland's booking system. This allows us to tailor content based on the ship's destination. For example, advertising that should only be displayed en route to Gotland.

Online Booking
Advertisers independently book their ads online via When a booking is received, the content is automatically generated in Infoplay's portal. All incoming content goes into a waiting list and must be approved by Destination Gotland. In this case, Infoplay fetches ad data from the customer's ad booking system. However, Infoplay can also provide a booking portal for ad bookings.

Varje fartyg har ca 200 skärmar fördelat i vilstolssalonger och kupéer.
"Each vessel has about 200 screens on board, distributed in lounge areas and cabins"
"Promotional screen with offers from the onboard shop"
"Marketing of products from suppliers, for example, Loka"
"One of the menu screens on MS Gotland. Content meant to inspire customers"